Volunteer at Soft Power Health

Soft Power Health looks for independent, highly motivated individuals to volunteer with us in beautiful, rural Uganda.

We look for short-term as well as long-term volunteers. As a volunteer, you will assist with our Malaria Education and Prevention Program, working in the field and occasionally in the office, or you can work with our family planning program. If you have medical training, there may be part time volunteer opportunities at the Allan Stone Community Health Clinic.

What to Expect

Time has a fluid concept in Africa. Rarely do things occur as they are ‘supposed to’ here. Volunteers must be flexible, and to follow the motto of the Nile, “go with the flow.” Uganda has a tropical climate, where rain alternates with hot sun year-round during the day, and evenings drop down and become pleasantly cool. During your stay expect to be hot, dirty, muddy and wet.

As a volunteer you must be able to function well independently, but it is crucial you understand the importance of always adhering to Soft Power Health’s guidelines and rules pertaining to medical practice and social interaction with the communities we serve. For instance, our mandate prohibits giving out or distributing anything to people for free (candy, pens, etc.), as these acts can inadvertently foster a climate of dependence, no matter how well intended these gifts might be. Also, most of the work is done in the field, which means we visit villages and go to people in their homes. It is extremely important to respect local customs, and this particularly refers to dress. Please come prepared with the right footwear and clothing. Women should bring long pants or skirts to cover your legs – it is mainly the legs that are a point of modesty here, and not upper portions of the body.


(*you must be tested for G6PD deficiency before starting Primaquine.)



You will be responsible for all your expenses, in addition to a $100 USD /weekly donation to Soft Power Health to help cover your transportation costs during your stay in Uganda. Bring US bills dated 2003 or later. Bills $50 and above get a better exchange rate.

Plane Tickets and Accommodations

Plane tickets can be booked through Gary at Arrow Travel tel + 212 889 2550 or www.arrowtravel.com/contact_us.htm.

We do not provide accommodations, so these can be made through Nile River Explorers at http://raftafrica.com/site/book-online.html

If you would like our assistance please contact Shirley (see right).

Uganda Attractions

While volunteering with us, visits to the White Nile River and Murchison Falls National Park are an absolute must! Fortunately SPH and the White Nile are within easy walking distance of one another, while the trip to Murchison Falls takes several hours.