Soft Power Health in the News – videos and articles

To see a list of youtube videos about SPH click here Patagonia A Displaced SpiritDecember 2017. Huffington Post Giving Patients a Chance in Rural UgandaJanuary 2016. Canoe & Kayak Doctor and Kayaker Jessie Stone Celebrates the Tenth Anniversary of her Heath Clinic in UgandaJanuary 2016. The Woman Who Does It All How do you become a professional kayaker, save hundreds of lives, and still have time to take urbanite kids outside on the weekends? We asked the only woman who knows, Jessie Stone.October 2015. Kayaking Camp Teaches Inner City Kids to Ride Out The Waves Inner City Kayak CampAugust 2015. Inner City Kayak Camp on Outside TV Jessie Stone provides a very special and unique experience that has been the highlight of her teaching career over the years. August 2015. Summer 2014: Inner City Kayak Camp Kids explore the world of kayaking with Jessie Stone. August 2014. Full Frame: Bill Gates and The Gates Foundation An Interview with Dr. Jessie Stone and Bruce Hay April 2014. The Paddler When Two Worlds Converge: An Interview with Dr. Jessie Stone April 2014. Outside Magazine Raising Rippers: At risk teens get their feet wet whitewater kayaking. August 2013. Ladies Home Journal Living a Dream. November 2012. Lowepro Do-Gooders: Adventure Photographer Trevor Clark Documents Doctor-Kayaker Jessie Stone in Uganda. August 20, 2012. CNN Doctor Turned Kayaker Fights Malaria in Uganda. August 7, 2012. Canoe and Kayak Magazine Unfiltered: Jessie Stone, Freestyle Kayaker, Difference Maker. August 7, 2012 BestNet Blog Combatting Malaria with the Colors of the Rainbow. August 2, 2012 Outside Today Interview with Dr. Jessie Stone. June 2012 Trevor Clark Photography Uganda’s Kayaking Doctor. 2012 Mezimbite Magazine Just One Question with Dr. Jessie. January 30, 2012 Africa Fighting Malaria - AFM Soft Power Health receives $10,000 donation for purchase and distribution of first-line anti-malarial medication. April 2012 Press Release ABC News The Good Doctor. January 2010 NPR podcast interview and transcript. Passion For Kayaking Sparks Fight Against Malaria. July 19, 2008 The New York Times Netgains, by Op Ed Contributor Jessie Stone. September 22, 2006 The New York Times Placing a Value on Nets, Letter to the Editor by Jessie Stone. October 16, 2007